What makes for a successful party or wedding? Usually it's a mix of good friends, the right atmosphere and the right music. It's always disappointing when a DJ can't (or won't) play the music you like to hear.

Here's how Mr. Music Entertainment puts his best foot forward when providing music and entertainment for your wedding or special event:

Ĝ Mr. Music Entertainment has one of the most extensive music libraries ever compiled. Popular hits from the 30's and 40's..the Big Band era..Country, Rock, Disco, Motown, Classic Rock, Polkas and of course, those songs we love just for the fun of it...the Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey and all the current hits of today! If I don’t have a song you want, I will find it for you!

Ĝ   Motivating the crowd to dance is Mr. Music's specialty, whether it's by a great mix of music or by using props and crowd-enhancing interactive techniques, even the toughest crowds always come out to dance when Mr. Music is your DJ!

Ĝ Dance lights are provided at no extra charge.

Ĝ Trying to create a special mood? Mr. Music Entertainment will provide dinner music tailored to your liking.

Mr. Music will handle all emcee duties and announcements. I'll coordinate with the caterer, photographer and videographer so everything goes smoothly on your important day. Mr. Music wants everyone to enjoy the party, and for you to have NOTHING to worry about!

During our personal interview before your wedding or special event, we will discuss ALL the details of your reception, and Mr. Music will cater his service to provide you with the reception you’ve always dreamed of! 

I appreciate your interest in Mr. Music Entertainment and look forward to filling your wedding or special event with the sounds of music, fun and laughter. Call me today and let's start planning the party!

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