About Mr. Music

Mr. Music was born Richard Roberts in 1971 and is the father of twin girls born in 1997. He has one brother, and two sisters and graduated from Euclid High School in 1989.

He began his DJ career early in life, by DJing small parties for friends at age 16. After High School however he decided to pursue a different dream and join the US Air Force. While serving his country as a Law Enforcement Specialist, he was stationed in many places. Mostly in Mtn. Home, Idaho, but also in San Antonio TX, Fort Dix NJ & Panama in Central America.

At age 19, in Jan. of 1991, he deployed to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in Support of Operation Desert Shield, which then became Operation Desert Storm. He returned from Desert Storm in July of 1991, and continued his career as a Law Enforcement Specialist, earning esteemed positions within the Squadron such as Special Investigator. He was honorably discharged from active duty in March of 1994, and began to pursue his career as a Mobile DJ.

He began his career as a mobile DJ, by working in bars, and by doing any event people needed music for. He quickly became very well known in the Euclid area as one of the most professional DJs around, and has maintained DJing as his sole source of income since then.

He has relied strictly on referrals to gain business, and has never advertised. He believes that "word of mouth" is the best form of advertising, and lets his reputation speak for itself.

During the week, and on days that he doesn't have a private booking, he keeps sharp by DJing at Taverns and Night Clubs. These gigs help keep him up on the newest music, as well as what "retro" music is making a comeback.

Since June of 1994 he has been a staple at a Euclid bar on 185th street.... BG's Old World Tavern. BG's specializes in creating a safe and fun atmosphere for all it's customers, and Mr. Music has helped them achieve that by creating a musical atmosphere that makes people feel comfortable & welcome, and allows them to have fun as well as dance!

Mr. Music loves his job as a DJ, and claims to get a "natural high" while DJing (especially at weddings) from seeing people have so much fun to the music he plays. For him it's not that he gets to play music, but how people react to the music he plays. Even though he has heard some songs for what seems to be a million times each, he still enjoys them as long as the guests are enjoying them. If they are having fun, then so is Mr. Music!

He truly cares for his clients and their guests, and wants them to have an event that is unique and memorable, and always accommodates his clients in every way possible, his motto is "it's your party!...whatever you want, you get..."

Book Mr. Music, and you'll be glad you did!

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