Current Rates

Rates are based on 6 hours, on a Saturday.

Mr. Music's Current fee for 6 hours on a Saturday is $895.

I offer a discount for the following:

-- Event is less than 6 hours. save $25 per Hour, $10 per 1/2 Hour

-- event is NOT on a Saturday. Save $50!

Winter discount!:

*November - March save $150!!! (New Years Eve Not Included)

*other discounts can not be applied to this offer, it is a flat rate for up to 6 hours.

There are extra charges for:

-- events that are longer than 6 hours

-- The event requires me to carry my gear up or down a flight of steps

-- The event is well outside the cleveland area

(Aproximately a 45 Minute drive is within the Cleveland area)

Included in the fee:

Lights, set-up and tear-down time, ALL interview time with the Bride & Groom, and travel time within the cleveland and surrounding area.


Extra YMCA Packages (first one is free) are also available for just $25 per package.

The YMCA Package is a collection of 24 hats (Cowboy, Construction Worker, Indian, Policeman, Navy, & Fireman) which your guests get to wear during the YMCA, and then take home as a souvenier!

Additional packages are optional, but your guests will absolutely LOVE them! I have never had clients that didn't think they were great!

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