Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I hire you and not someone else?A. Passion. That's the difference. I have the passion. Passion is the driving force in any chosen arena of endeavor in which one strives for excellence. Ours is a partnership. Other than you, no one cares more about the success of your affair than me.

Q. Will I meet with you before my scheduled event?A. Yes! I will definitely meet with you before your wedding and we will go over every detail of your reception from A to Z.

Q Will you be the disc jockey that day or will it be some one else?A. It will always be me. When you hire me, that's who you get. There are no surprises. In an absolute emergency, where I am unable to fulfill my duties as a DJ, (I.E. if I am hospitalized for some unforeseen reason) I will send another DJ in my place and refund any portion of the fee that you feel you necessary.

Q When you give me a price quote, are there any hidden charges?A There are no hidden charges, the only "extra" I offer is the YMCA package (hats) which is optional (the first set is free, extra sets are $25), other than that the only extra charge is if there is a flight of steps at the reception hall that I wasn't told about. There is an extra charge if I need to carry my gear up or down a flight of steps. this is covered in the contact.

Q. How much music do you bring?A. I have never actually counted how many songs I have, but I estimate it at over 150,000 different song titles, and growing every day with the new music that is being released and adding more of the great songs of yesteryear!

Q. I have seen you DJ at bars, do you use the same DJ style at a wedding reception?A. Only if that's what you ask of me. Wedding Receptions are VERY VERY different from bars. At bars it all about pleasing each individual customer, and trying to get the cash register ringing. At Wedding Receptions, it's all about pleasing the crowd and making sure the group as a whole has fun, especially the Bride & Groom. I tailor the music style differently for each individual reception, according to the tastes of the Bride & Groom. During the planning process of the reception, we will discuss exactly what types of music you'd like played or not like played, and I will accommodate you in every way possible!

Q. What do you wear?A. You can always count on Mr. Music to come appropriately dressed for the occasion. I will ALWAYS host your affair in a tuxedo, unless instructed otherwise. Dressing down may be the thing to do for some these days, but it is not appropriate for your disc jockey. Remember, we are talking about YOUR event here! Your DJ is a hired professional, and the proper attire MUST match the specific affair.

Q. What happens if my event runs longer than expected?A. You may choose to have me stay. The rate per hour will be stipulated in the contract so you know exactly what to expect. No surprises!

Q. Can you provide advice as to how I should structure my wedding reception?A. Sure! If there is anything I have learned, it is that someone has to keep the ball rolling. Because there is so much going on, I will make sure that things go smoothly and in a timely manner. Brides and Grooms should concentrate on celebrating!

Q. Are you familiar with the pitfalls which may make my event less than successful?A. You bet! Each event has its own personality. I have a pretty good idea as to what works, and what doesn't.

Q. Are you available for advice even though I didn't book you in the first place?A. Sure! I welcome all inquiries from clients and other professionals as well.

Q. Do you share client names with anyone else or related services?A. Never. You will NEVER be marketed as a result of my association with you. That would be a breach of trust and confidentiality.

Q. How many hours should I book you for?A. My standard measurement of time is six (6) hours. Though it is not etched in stone, you can use it as a benchmark as to how long you will need the hall. If in doubt, we can talk about it.

Q. When should I book your services?A. When you are ready! Sooner is always better. You can count on your event to be the ONLY booking I will take for the day.

Q. Do you take emergency bookings?A. Yes, if I am available!

Q. I have special circumstances regarding my event. Is that a problem?A. No. Just let me know in advance, if possible.

Q. Do you take requests?A. Yes. If I know in advance, that's good. I can take them on the spot too. Please keep in mind that a song request should flow with the music being played and the mood that's been established. For example, Led Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven is a great song to hear on your radio, but would really clear the floor quickly if played right after the Electric Slide. Smooth segues are important!

Q. What kind of music do you play?A. Top 40, Motown, Big band, standards, oldies, country, new wave, rock, pop, dance, name it. My music is about great times, and each event is tailored to each client!

Q. If for some unforeseen reason you could not be present at my affair, what would happen?A. I have, over time, established relationships with those in the business whom I would hire if I were hosting an event. Though the likelihood of my not being available is remote, coverage would be arranged at the contracted rate, but if you are not completely satisfied with the replacement DJ, a refund will be made for the amount you feel to be fair. Please remember that since I started my business in 1994, I have not missed even 1 event that I was contracted to do, so feel confident that I will be there.

Q What if I don't want a particular song played, is that a problem?A. No. Simply let me know in advance, or indicate it on the "350 Most Requested Songs Sheet" that I will send you.

Q. Is there anything I need to supply you at the hall?A. An electrical outlet, preferably 2 or 3, but I can make do with just one if need be. This is never really a problem at most halls. The only time I've run into this problem is when the event is held at an unusual place such as outdoors, or at a venue that is not really made specifically for events that require entertainment, such as schools, or rec. centers.

Q. When should I pay you?A. I normally request a small deposit to hold your date. Payment in full can be made anytime prior to your event, but must be made before the start of the music, on the day of the booking.

Q. How should I pay you?A. In personal check, certified check, cash or money order.

Q. Some of the new songs today have objectionable lyrics. Do you play them?A. No. I try to obtain the "clean" copies if possible. If I can't, I don't get them at all.

Q. Do you have any pet peeves in your line of work?A. Not many! Though there are a few. Guests who insist on rummaging through my music. Another is someone who insists on trying to program the night by requesting too much music, music which clearly no one else will enjoy or relate to. My music is about good times and has a positive feel about it. Lastly, individuals who don't understand that each event has its own pace. You can't force people to have a good time unless they are ready. That takes timing and the right mix of music. That's why you have me.

Q. What about your equipment?A. My equipment consists of all professional, name brand components. Each piece is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, road worthy and well maintained. My equipment is updated from time to time, regardless of condition. This ensures reliability when I need it most - at your event!

Q. I need to change the hours of my affair, and I have already signed the contract. Is that a problem?A. No. Time Changes are never a problem, although if the time change requires me to work longer than originally contracted, there will be an additional charge. Remember, yours is the only job I have for the day.

Q. I need to talk with you about new ideas or changes. How quickly do you respond?A. Usually within 24 hours or less. I am available via email or telephone.

Q. How do you feel about customer service?A. This is a business about customer service! Little else counts! Of course, you have to be good at what you do too. There are seemingly thousands of disc jockeys and disc jockey services out there. Relationships are built one client at a time. When you contract with me, you are guaranteed personal, professional customer service because you are dealing directly with the top person in my business - me.

Q. I need to make several other last minute changes concerning my affair or reception. Is that a problem?A. Never. Just let me know what you want.

Q. Are you by yourself when you perform?A. Most of the time, yes. I will, from time to time, have someone with me to assist, if it is an unusually large event. But rest assured, due to my years of experience, I can easily handle all of my duties without an assistant.

Q. Will you coordinate with the photographer and the other professionals I have hired at my reception?A. Yes I will, and I will try to accommodate their needs as much as I can, and also keep them informed when we are about to do something that needs their attention, like cutting the cake, the bouquet and garter, or the bridal dance.

Q. I have been at affairs where the disc jockey played the music too loud and people were complaining. What are your thoughts?A. I agree! I am very sensitive to this situation. My rule of thumb is that if I can't hear people talking during dinner, the music is too loud. Additionally, I would be mindful not to locate tables too close to the entertainment. Lastly, speaker mounts work wonders in channeling music over people's heads, not in their faces.

Q. I have been visiting many websites offering disc jockey services. Why do the prices vary?A. Good question. Much depends on their overhead, areas of expertise, profit margin expectations, labor costs, and client niches they wish to cultivate. There are those who will only perform at the most upscale locales. Some services are strictly wedding oriented. Others specialize in large arena settings. Others still will target volume bookings for a given night. They are not all the same. Know your needs first, and shop around!

Q. What about references?A. I have a page on my web site that has some things people have said about me, I have used their names with permission, and as more feedback comes in, I will continue to post it as well. If you would like to talk to some of them, you can call me or E-Mail me, and I will ask their permission to give out their email address or phone number to you.

Q. I see pictures of wedding receptions and the like on your website. will my wedding be on your site?A. All the pictures on my web-site are used with permission, if you were to email me some pictures from your wedding, and give me permission to publish them, then most likely they will be published, otherwise I will respect your privacy.

Q. I'm not sure that I really need a disc jockey. Can you objectively advise as to what I should do?A. Sure can! There are those affairs where you would be better off with just a boom box and a stack of CDs! Disc jockeys are not cheap, and sometimes a particular social setting simply doesn't warrant the hiring of one. Let's talk about it!

Q. Which is better, a band or a disc jockey?A. A tough one! There are great bands and fabulous disc jockeys. Conversely, there are crummy bands and even worse disc jockeys! If the Rolling Stones, REM, Third Eye Blind, or Pink can't make it to your party, I would go with a great disc jockey, since they can provide a much more diverse music library than a band, and DJ's don't take breaks, bands do!

Q. Do you take breaks?A. The only break I take is if I am invited to eat dinner, and I will still ensure there is music being played. I will also make sure I eat dinner in a timely manner, and get back to the stage as soon as possible.

Q. When do you arrive at your jobs?A. Generally one hour to an hour and a half prior to start time. I like to become familiar with the hall. Additionally, I will interact with your other hired professionals to ensure that we are all on the same page - namely your complete satisfaction.

Q. Do you have an actual contract that I sign?A. Yes. It is one page long, and is easy to understand. Remember, my line of work is entertainment, not litigation!

Q. How come my deposit is so small in comparison with the total amount due at the end of the job?A. It makes me more motivated!

Q. Is my deposit refundable?A. If you break the contract, no. If I break the contract, yes, but I have NEVER broken a contract.

Q. May I recommend you to others?A. It would be the greatest compliment, and in fact it is what I rely on! All of my business since I started in 1994 has come from referrals. I don't advertise in the phone book, or anywhere else other than this web-site, in order to help keep my overhead low, and in turn keep my rates lower than most of my competition, yet still offering service of a higher standard than most of the companies that charge much more than I do!

Q. The hall that I am looking at keeps pushing the house disc jockey. I want to pick my own. What should I do?A. Remind the hall owner that you live in America, and that America is about freedom of choice! It's your money, and there are plenty of establishments in need of your business. Be firm. Some places may try to throw in the house DJ as part of a "package," to sweeten the deal. Keep in mind that the hall and the house DJ have a prearranged understanding. Packages are only a good deal if the sum of all of the parts is to your liking - and your budget. Besides, insist on Mr. Music!

Q. Are you affiliated with any disc jockey service or company?A. No. I respect what they do, but I prefer to be on my own.

Q. Why are you a sole operator?A. I enjoy the challenge, and the freedom it brings, to be a part of every aspect of my business. I also feel that I am the best at what I do, and would never allow someone to damage my reputation by working under my name, then not living up to standard I have set.

Q. Should I have any additional questions, how do I contact you?A. You can reach me via telephone (216-531-4157) or e-mail DJMRMUSIC@YAHOO.COM. Contact me anytime!

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